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About us

BAS is a medium-sized family owned and operated company that is specifically designed to provide technical management for cargo vessels. BAS has been operating in the international market since 2001 and has grown continuously since then.

Our service portfolio contains all activities around the technical management, the technical purchasing and the safety management (ISM, ISPS) for international shipping companies.

We manage all aspects and details to deliver a smooth and economical operation of cargo vessels such as construction supervision, technical planning and support of new- and re-building, scheduled and extraordinary organization and monitoring of shipyard layovers for repair and class works, spare part supply, ISPS certification and implementation of all safety standards.


Bereederungsgesellschaft Alstership consists of experts with long lasting experience in the areas of engineering, purchasing and safety.

Stefan Krohn (commercial), Jan Nennhaus (technical)

Technical Management:
Jan Nennhaus; Kirsten Dreyer (Fleet Team Assistant)

Technical Purchasing:
Thomas Rambow

Safety / Security Management:
Jan Nennhaus (DPA/CSO)

Company History

Our family company operates in the shipping industry in the 2nd generation. As an additional approach in the past trading actions the family Krohn started to get involved in the shipping industry in the mid 70s of the previous century.

In 1991 the chartering company (ASC “Alster Ship” Chartering GmbH Co. KG) was established whose success in the European market strengthened the decision to build-up its own ship management company in 2001.

Today we manage a fleet of 9 multipurpose vessels that mainly operate in the pan-European market and are firmly positioned as a qualified service company for ship owning companies.

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